Why I started MarketingWarketing - The Marketing Journey

The Marketing Journey: My Exciting Path to Marketing


Hello there, I’m Abhay Talreja. Over the past few months, I’ve been absorbed in a fascinating journey fueled by industry leaders’ insights, entrepreneurial spirit, and the desire to do more than consume content. While creating blogs, I thought I should document “The Marketing Journey” for everyone aspiring to get into the marketing field.

This journey led to the inception of MarketingWarketing.com – a brand born out of passion, curiosity, and a touch of audacity.

The Beginning: From Learner to Being a Doer

The Beginnning: From Learner to Being a Doer - The Marketing Journey

My path began as an avid consumer of marketing advice from leaders in the field, digesting their tips, tricks, and strategies religiously.

I tuned into new videos with enthusiasm, bolstered by the convenience of an ad-free YouTube premium account. After months of accelerated learning – watching videos at 1.5x speed – something finally clicked.

One day, after watching a motivational clip from Neil Patel, I realized that I had not made any real progress while accumulating knowledge. I hadn’t moved the needle.

The Realization and the Next Step

The Realization: My Next step to start a blog

This realization made me introspect as I contemplated the motivations and strategies behind every YouTube success story. Almost every influencer, I noticed, offered a course.

It was clear to me: they were driving traffic to their courses, banking on their expertise and reputation. This strategy intrigued me, and as someone who had created a few courses, I began to envision my journey in this direction.

But first, I had to take the initial step – I needed to start a blog. This is it. The marketing journey needs to start with a Blog.

Choosing a Path Amidst the Analysis Paralysis

Choosing a Path: Breaking the Analysis Paralysis

I was well-equipped with the technical knowledge and expertise to launch my blog. But then, the inevitable question surfaced – what should I blog about? What would be my blogging niche?

The search for the perfect niche, rather than feeling like an achievement, became a stress-inducing challenge. After much thought, I landed on a subject close to my heart – the marketing journey, which began with ambition and was followed by “Analysis Paralysis.”

The Birth of a Brand

The Birth of a Brand: Creating my Brand

The next step in the marketing journey was creating a brand, as recommended by Neil Patel. This seemed doable until I remembered Neil’s warning about the limitations of personal branding.

Would I become the brand or create a brand that could outlive me? After days of contemplation, I decided to make a different brand beyond my identity.

The Quest for the Perfect Domain

Marketing Problems - The Quest for the Perfect Domain

My next hurdle was finding a domain name that could become my brand. As I discovered, almost every conceivable “.com” domain was already taken. Leaving me with the likes of “.org,” “.info,” and “.us,” and that too with not the brand name I would love to go with.

An idea dawned on me, inspired by my mother’s use of specific word pairs. Like:

Pani-Wani, where Pani means water and wani implies something more.

Chai-Shai, where Chai means tea and shai means something to go with it.

The list of such words goes on and on.

What would she say for Marketing, I wondered? The answer was very simple:

Marketing Warketing

My mother

I combined “Marketing” and “Warketing” – a made-up term that added a certain zing to the main keyword, suggesting marketing and something beyond marketing.

After all, marketing is the most effective when it is personal and close to you your personality. So, it was decided, MarketingWarketing.com was the BRAND I was looking for. The marketing journey, had stumbled on something that will probably stick with me for a few years.

The Meaning and Emergence of MarketingWarketing

The Meaning and the Future of MarketingWarketing

This unique, easy-to-pronounce, and memorable domain name perfectly encapsulates the essence of my brand. It stands for marketing and more.

The wordplay “War-Keting” underlines the constant struggle in the marketing field – competing with algorithm updates, the emergence of new social platforms, and advancements in AI tools like Bard and ChatGPT. I want to be with you when we navigate the highs and lows of Marketing.

An Invitation to Collaborate

An Invitation to Collaborate and create. your own Brand.

My journey to creating MarketingWarketing.com is just the beginning. I intend to create content and help other passionate, creative individuals who want to take their first steps in blogging.

I’m inviting anyone interested in joining hands, combining our superpowers to create valuable content rather than contributing to the internet’s clutter.

I have all the tools, experience, and means; we can take that first step together. Just email me at abhay@marketingwarketing.com, and let’s start the conversation.

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