HighLevel Conversation AI - Revolutionizing Business Interactions

Conversation AI – Revolutionizing Business Interactions

HighLevel continues to innovate and enhance the user experience with the introduction of their new feature, Conversation AI.

This feature is set to revolutionize business interactions by enhancing engagement and facilitating faster, more efficient appointment bookings.

The Conversation AI operates in a suggestive mode, offering up to three response suggestions for user queries in SMS, Facebook, or Instagram conversations.

Introducing Conversation AI Bot’s Suggestive Mode

The Conversation AI Bot’s suggestive mode is designed to provide assistance, information, and support conversationally.

Whenever you click on the “Type a Message” box on the Conversations page, the bot will suggest up to three responses, offering a seamless communication experience.

Source – HighLevel

How to Enable and Use the Conversation AI

Enabling and using the Conversation AI is a straightforward process.

First, you need to enable Conversation AI for an Agency. Navigate to Agency Settings, find Conversation AI on the Company page, and click on the toggle to enable it for all locations in your agency.

Please note that enabling Conversation AI only activates the settings pages for the Conversation AI Bot for each location.

Source – HighLevel

Next, enable the suggestive mode for a Location. Navigate to Location Settings, find the Conversation AI tab under Business Services, and use this section for bot configuration and settings.

Source – HighLevel

Supported Channels and Calendar Selection

The Conversation AI supports various communication channels, such as SMS, Facebook, and Instagram.

Google My Business (GMB) support is coming soon.

You can select a calendar for each location from a dropdown list. This calendar’s booking/scheduling link will be sent to the contacts.

Source – HighLevel

Conversation Flow and Customizing Bot Responses

The bot will ask a series of questions to determine the services the contact is looking for, where they wish to receive these services, and if they are willing to book an appointment.

The bot will send the booking link once all the questions are answered positively. You can customize the bot’s responses to align with Clients’ business and services.

This crucial step allows the bot to understand clients’ business better and tailor its responses accordingly.

Pricing and Billing

The Conversation AI bot follows standard pricing of $0.05/message for response generation.

Agencies on any plan can access the Conversation AI bot. Re-billing is supported for the plans that allow it.

HighLevel’s Conversation AI is a powerful new feature that brings the power of AI to users’ business conversations, increasing engagement and streamlining appointment booking.

It’s exciting to see how Conversation AI will enhance business interactions!

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