Access to Camera & Microphone for Custom Links

Enhanced Permissions for Camera And Microphone in Custom Links

HighLevel continues to innovate and enhance its CRM capabilities, and the latest addition to its feature set is a testament to this commitment.

The platform has introduced a new feature that significantly improves the user’s custom links experience.

This feature allows users to enable access to the camera and microphone for custom links mounted via an iframe.

This means users can now incorporate video and audio input directly into their CRM activities, making the platform even more versatile and interactive.

The Feature – Camera and Microphone access

The new feature focuses on expanding the capabilities of custom links within the CRM.

Users can now enable access to the camera and microphone for custom links.

This is a significant upgrade that opens up a whole new range of possibilities for user interaction and engagement.

To use this feature, you simply need to update your existing custom links or create new ones and enable the ‘Allow Camera’ and ‘Allow Microphone’ options.

Access to Camera And Microphone for Custom Links
Source – HighLevel

It’s important to note that for privacy and security reasons, these options are disabled by default.

Users must consciously enable them to use these features.

Enriched CRM Experience

This update is all about providing an enriched CRM experience.

By incorporating video and audio capabilities into custom links, HighLevel is making its platform more interactive and versatile.

Whether it’s conducting virtual meetings, recording video messages, or facilitating real-time communication, this feature makes it all possible within the CRM.

This new feature is a clear demonstration of HighLevel’s commitment to continually enhancing its platform to meet the evolving needs of its users.

It’s an exciting development that promises to make the CRM experience even more dynamic and engaging.

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